Zeller Present 6-pcs Clothes Hanger Set


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The Zeller Present wooden clothes hanger set gives your favorite clothes the right support.  Ideal for hanging up heavy clothing such as jackets, coats, jeans, etc.  The smooth lacquered surface prevents your clothes from getting stuck.  The hooks can be rotated all around for easy handling.  In addition, each hanger has two skirt notches and a trouser bar.




* Elegant six (6) wooden clothes hangers set
* Stainless steel rotatable hook
* Solid manufacture
For hanging up jackets, shirts, skirts, trousers etc.
* Smooth surface guarantees no clothes getting stuck in the hangers
With trouser bar and skirt notches
Made of lacquered wood
* Colour – light brown
* Item size – 44 cm x 24 cm (W x H)

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