Zeller Present 9-pcs Gardening Tools Set With Foldable Stool


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* Nine (9) pieces gardening set with folding stool and detachable storage tote
* Tools tips made of steel with wooden handles
* Tote and foldable stool seat made of heavy duty polyseter canvas
* Set consists of tote carrying bag, large and small hand trowel, hand rake/weeder, hand fork, hand cultivator, garden scissors, a pair of gloves and small foldable steel stool with polyester canvas seat
* Instead of squatting, ease your knees and back by sitting on this comfortable folding stool
* This unique tote consists of a folding stool with six (6) gardening tools and a pair of gloves
* Use the detachable storage tote to store gloves, seeds and other gardening necessities
* Item size – 30 cm x 19 cm x 40 cm (W x D x H)
* Item weight – 2.2 kgs

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