Andrew James 7-Litre Automatic Food Mixer With Meat Grinder Silver


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The Andrew James 7-litre food stand mixer with its extra powerful 1000 watt motor, is ideal for all your kitchen preparation requirements, capable of mixing ingredients such as dough, egg whites, cake mixes, cream, shakes, cocktails and other liquids.  The food mixer boasts seven (7) different automatic settings which are pre-set, so all you have to do is place the mixture in the large mixing bowl, choose the desired setting and let the mixer do all the work.

The mixer comes complete with a large 7-litre high quality grade 304 stainless steel bowl, special aluminium kneading hook for yeast and bread dough, flexible beater blade, stainless steel whisk and a splash guard.  The mixer has a clear and distinctive digital control and LCD display from which you can choose an automatic or manual digital setting.

This food mixer package comes complete with a useful meat grinder attachment which transforms the mixer into an easy to use meat grinder.  The grinder comes with three (3) grinder discs, allowing you to choose from a fine, medium or coarse texture and is ideal for meats, breadcrumbs or even baby food.  The meat grinder also comes with a sausage maker attachment ideal for making homemade sausages.

Also included is the Andrew James food mixer cook book.


Andrew James 7-Litre Automatic Food Stand Mixer With Meat Grinder
* Extra powerful motor – 1,000 watts
* Special robust gear mechanism
Seven (7) litre Stainless steel bowl for 2.5 kgs (maximum) mixture preparation and 5-litre liquid
* The machine comes with three (3) different mixing attachments
* Special Aluminium kneading hook for yeast and bread dough for a maximum quantity of flour of 2.5 kgs
* Special Flexi-Beater
* Stainless Steel Whisk
* Heavy duty meat grinder attachment with three (3) grinder discs
* Also included are sausage maker attachment and a recipe cook book
* 50″ swivelling multifunction arm
* Particularly easy to operate and clean
* Mixing bowl is dishwasher safe
* 230 volt mains
* Colour – silver
* Item size – 56 cm x 25 cm x 53.5 cm (W x D x H)
* Gift box size – 58.5 cm x 48.5 cm x 48.7 cm (W x D x H)
* Item weight – 6.77 kgs (10.92 kgs incl. gift box)
* Warranty – twelve months

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