Andrew James 2-Tier Cupcake Carrier


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This handy Andrew James cupcake carrier is the ideal way to store and transport your cakes.  The carrier comes complete with two (2) layers, each holding twelve (12) cupcakes.  Simple clips make it easy to assemble and take apart, and keep the layers secure during transportation.

The Andrew James cupcake carrier can be used with either one or both layers.  The cupcake trays are equipped with handles, so removing your carefully decorated creations is a piece of cake.  The trays can also be removed to allow you to store larger cakes or pastries.


* Two-tier cupcake carrier
* Comes with two (2) separate trays
* Each tray can hold up to twelve (12) cupcakes – twenty-four (24) cupcakes in total
* Trays can be removed to put larger cakes or pastries
* Colour – transparent/turquoise

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