Jocca First Aid Car Kit


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First Aid Car Kit
* Essential in every car
* Carry everything you need in the car for any emergency
Ideal for travel and camping
* Always prepared for the unexpected
* Suitable also for the home
* Kit includes two (2) conforming bandages, two (2) elastic bandages, ten (10) safety pins, four (4) fingertip adhesive bandages, four (4) knuckle adhesive bandages, four (4) elbow and knee wound bandages, ten (10) adhesive bandages, two (2) alcohol prepads, three (3) first aid dressing bandages, two (2) disposable vinyls, five (5) cotton balls and one (1) piece each of non-woven tape, instant cold pack, flashlight, mouth-to-mouth mask, gauze triangular bandage, emergency blanket, tweezers, scissors, tourniquet and first aid guide
* Storage bag size 21 cm x 19 cm
Zip closure
* Colour – red/black

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