Jocca Slimming Body Pants


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You can wear it when you are doing housework, going for a walk or doing some exercise. You can use it like a sport wear, or wear it as an under-garment. You can also wear an undershirt beneath the slimming body shaper to avoid the sweat is absorbed directly by the garment and thus damaging it in the long run.

The suitable time to wear the slimming body pants is about three hours a day.  Moreover, when you are wearing the slimming body shaper periodically, and one collaborates with a well-balanced diet, the results will be notable.


* Full body pants for slimming
* Helps you slim by reducing your excessive fats through sweating
* Covers the area from thighs to shoulders
* In half-sleeve so it can be worn as an under-garment
* Heating effect
* Due to its elastic material, it adopts easily to your body
* Thermal effect of this garment helps you sweat and loose excessive fats in the process
* Ideal for outdoor sports
* Size – small (hips 36″-38″)
* Colour – black

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