Wooden DOUBLE Vertical Cabinet For Washing Machine And Dryer


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The DOUBLE column washing machine and dryer holder allows you to optimize your space inside your laundry room, giving you the option to put the washer/dryer vertically.  The cabinet, made of water-melted W100 sp. 18 mm, is suitable for indoor places.  It is equipped with feet adjustable in height up to 15 mm to compensate for any irregularities on the floor.  The front plinth is easily removable to facilitate cleaning of the washing machine filter.  The furniture is delivered flat-packed in KIT.  The assembly is simple and intuitive, with clear instructions placed inside the package, including any fixings in case you want to secure directly to the wall.  Made in Italy.




Wooden DOUBLE vertical cabinet for washing machine and dryer
* In melamine W100 hydrophug for indoor use
Removable front plinth for cleaning the washing filter
* With feet adjustable in height up to 15 mm
* Single central panel for greater range
* Delivered flat-packed
* Easy to assemble
* Colour – white
* Item size – 70 cm x 60.5 cm x 181 cm (W x D x H) (external dimensions)
    – 66.5 cm x 56 cm x 86.5 cm (W x D x H) (maximum internal dimensions)
* Item weight – 25 kgs
Made in Italy

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