Art Plast Idea Utility Plastic Cabinet


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* The Idea utility plastic cabinet is an economic and quick way to organise all rooms in the home and the work area
* Doors design is simple and yet elegant
* The three (3) fixed internal shelves cover more than half of space inside the cabinet, leaving some space for brooms and other large items
* Doors come with steel hinges to ensure a better opening and locking system
* Cabinet made of polypropylene, shock-proof materials
* Weatherproof and resistant against solvents and oils
* Washable. does not absorb smells and does not keep humidity
* Easy to assemble
Raised-up with feet to allow easy cleaning
* With vertical handles for an easier and comfortable opening of doors
Top surface covers the borders of the doors for a better protection against seepages of water
* With broom holders to append brooms and other utilities with long sticks
* The perfect solution to avoid untidiness and keep everything you need for cleaning within reach
* The practicality of plastic combined with an attractive design
* Colour – light grey/black
* Item size – 68 cm x 37 cm x 169 cm (W x D x H)
* Giftbox size – 69 cm x 80 cm x 19.6 cm (W x D x H)
Made in Italy

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