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* Eco-friendly laundry washing ball with magnets inside which along with water kills all the bacteria without the need to use a lot of expensive detergents/softeners
* The magnets inside the washing ball ‘activate’ water molecules producing electrolytic oxygen and hydrogen ions, which unleash their natural power to lift dirt from clothing fibres
* With two (2) magnets and twelve thousand (12,000) gauss inside each washing ball
* Hypoallergenic and non-polluting
* Harmless to the environment
* Absolutely safe and gentle on fabrics
* Leaves no unsightly detergent residue behind that can irritate sensitive skin
* Contains no harsh chemicals that deteriorate fibres or fade colours
* Easy to use
* Every month, washing ball is kept in sunshine for a few hours so that the magnetic particles inside are charged up again
* Highly economical as it helps in saving on expensive detergents/softeners and lasts for about 1,500 washes!

So how does Öko-Ball work without expensive, unhealthy detergents?

The Öko-Ball maintains the PH spectrum of water at the same level of ordinary chemical detergents by utilizing negative ions which weaken the dirty surfaces and fabric adhesion so dirt can be removed easily from clothing.

The Öko-Ball has a centre core that consists of a permanent magnet (BR 12000 gauss)


* The  Öko-Ball consists of four main natural ceramics contained in a round ball made of non-toxic material
* The Öko-Ball is an economical way to save money on detergentssave the environment through lower usage of water, and can be used for individuals who are sensitive to dyes and other unnatural chemicals found in most detergents


* The Öko-Ball does not contain any detergents, so there is no remaining chemical detergent residue on clothes and fabrics
* It does not cause any skin irritations for those who have allergies or individuals sensitive to dyes and other detergents
* The Öko-Ball has an antibiotic agent which eliminates mold, chlorine and other washing additives
* Powerful Catalytic Action – No need to add chemical detergents
* Antimicrobial Action – Sterilization
* Removal of Residual Chlorine
* Improves Water Quality
* Does not require fabric softener
* Cleans the interior of the washing machine

I have an Öko-Ball, how do I use it?


* Fill the washing machine with clothes to desired load
* Place the Öko-Ball in the centre of clothes to be washed
* Fill washing machine with water
* For best results, soak the clothes for at least an hour or use the pre-wash setting on your washing machine, if available
* Follow with regular washing steps after soaking clothes for an hour
* Remove clothes from washing machine when ready


* For over half (½) loads of laundry (4.5 kgs), it is recommended to use two (2) Öko-Balls
* Add the laundry ball after you have added the clothes to the washing machine and fill with water
* For best results, leave the clothes in the washing machine to soak or use the pre-wash cycle setting if available.  This will convert the hard minerals in tap water
* For heavily soiled laundry, you can add one-fifth (1/5) of the regular amount of the ordinary detergents with the Öko-Ball
* Leave the ball in the washing machine for the next wash and repeat steps


* Leave the laundry ball in the washing machine until next use
* Drying under direct sunlight for few hours once a month is recommended to recharge the inside magnets
* Can be used with cold washing cycle with great results
* Use warm cycle for clothes that cannot be cold washed
* Separate fabrics from light or dark
* Estimated use of the  Öko-Ball is 4 years if used everyday or 1,500 washes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does  Öko-Ball contain any materials that could be harmful if they were to be mixed with detergents, softeners, etc?

A: No, Öko-Ball is not composed of any chemical materials and will not react with other chemicals within cleaning products

Q: Where can I store the Öko-Ball?

A: Öko-Ball can be stored anywhere, for example, a drawer, closet or even inside your washing machine or dishwasher

Q: Will using the  Öko-Ball sanitize my clothes?

A: Yes. The tiny alkali ceramic balls perform the sanitizing function.

Q: What is the maximum water temperature I can use while using the Öko-Ball?

A:  Öko-Ball is the only ball that resists up to 90 degrees centigrade.

Q: If the clothes are very dirty, can I use a detergent with the Öko-Ball?

A: Yes.  Adding additional detergent is optional; however it is recommended to use 20% of the detergent quantity that you were using before.

Q: Does Öko-Ball remove stubborn stains?

A: For stubborn stains, it is recommended that you use a pre-wash setting, or pre-stain product to treat the stain.  If one does not want to use chemical products to remove stains, other items such as baking soda, vinegar or milk are good substitutes

Q: Do I need laundry softener with the Öko-Ball?

A: No, but if you prefer the essence, you can add 1 or ½ teaspoon of softener to your laundry load

Q: Does the  Öko-Ball remove bad odours and molds within clothing?

A: Yes.  The powerful antibacterial action removes all molds and destroys all the pathogenic coli created from bacilli in your washing machine

Q: Do I need an anti-calcium product for my washing machine when using the Öko-Ball?

A:  No.  The mini alkali balls contained within the Öko-Ball act as an anti-calcium agent

Q: How do I save energy by using the Öko-Ball ?

A: The efficiency of less water being used during the washing process along with the anti-calcium effect of the Öko-Ball lessens the resistance of the washing machine to warm the water in less time.

Q: How long does the  Öko-Ball last?

A: The life span of the Öko-Ball is four (4) years or comparatively, 1,500 washes

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