KIS 12L Filo Basket Medium Romantic Ivory


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Filo versatile high quality plastic basket
* Part of the Filo Collection, an innovative product range by Kis
* The inspiration comes from sewing and crochet needlework, with romantic and nostalgic atmospheres that take you back in time
* The simple beauty of handcrafted products, made with love, matches with the modern and functional material these containers are made of, bringing a homely feeling to every environment
* The range includes different products for different uses
* The container Filo Basket is extremely versatile, and can be used for storing household linen, like tablecloths and towels, as well as a magazine rack
* Large size – 12 litres capacity
Highly resistant plastic material construction
* Easy to clean
* See-through effect
* Item size – 38 cm x 29 cm x 15 cm (W x D x H)
* Colour – romantic ivory
Made in Italy

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