Art Plast 15L Multipurpose Flexbag Blue


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Flexbag is a durable plastic bag for everyday needs from shopping to laundry, gardening to construction
* It is a plastic bag/container that can be used for many purposes:
– as a substitute for plastic bags in all its applications
– multi-purpose container (toys, magazines and various objects)
– for building (water bucket, bucket for concrete)
– for the gardening (watering, tool holder, flower vase and seedlings)
– for agriculture (as a tub for transporting fruits and vegetables)
– for holiday as beach or pool bag
* Made of polypropylene, shock-proof materials
* Weatherproof and resistant against solvents and oils
Extra flexible
* Washable, does not absorb smells and does not keep humidity
* No assembly needed – delivered ready to be used
* Capacity – 15 litres
* Colour – blue
* Item size – 32.6 cm x 25 cm x 28 cm (top Diameter x bottom Diameter x H)
Made in Italy

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