Zeller Present 5-pcs Multifunctional Plastic Kitchen Set


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This multifunctional Zeller Present kitchen set should not be missing in any kitchen!  The practical kitchen helpers can be stacked one inside the other and therefore require little storage space.  The lemon squeezer has a collection container with strainer (Ø 15 cm x 7.5 cm) and a measuring scale on the inside from 100 – 500 ml.  The two (2) sieves are ideally suited either for draining rice (Ø 18.5 cm x 8 cm) or for washing salad (Ø 22 cm x 12 cm).  The latter can be arranged and served in the white bowl (Ø 26 cm x 12.5 cm).  The set is made of robust plastic.


* Multifunctional 5-pieces plastic kitchen set
* Practical kitchen set for every household
* Made of polypropylene and nylon (plastic)
* With lemon squeezer and strainer
* Includes also two (2) sieves with different pouring grids and a bowl with handles
* Stackable inside each other for space-saving storage
* With rubber on the bottom for a secure hold
* Colour – white/grey/berry
* Item size – Ø 31.7 cm x 12.5 cm (Diameter x H)(packed)

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