Jocca Set Of Two (2) Frosty Mugs


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Set of two (2) frosty mugs for freezer
* Made in plastic with an inner layer of water that freezes up to make the mugs frosty
* Capacity – 350 millilitres (each)
* For correct use – place frosty mugs upside down in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator for 2-4 hours.  Pour drink into frosty mug and drink becomes ice cold within a few seconds
* Beverages will remain cold for a much longer time
* Beverages are not diluted by water that results from the melting of ice cubes that are usually put into drinks to cool them off
* Do NOT use in microwave
* Do NOT freeze below -10°C
* Do NOT use in dishwasher.  Hand wash only
* Item size – 9 cm x 15 cm (D x H)
* Colour – transparent
Highly innovative product

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