Sonal Microwave D-Layer Dinner Box


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* Microwave double-layer airtight dinner box
* Capacity – 1.4 litres
* Includes one plastic spoon
* Double-layer enables the separation of different food
* Material – Polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber (Thermoplastic rubber has already passed the SGS and American FDA Certification )
* Able to close up tight by the pressing of the cover
* Designed to be simple and convenient for using
* Prevents bacteria entering the food due to which the original flavour of the food is retained
* ATTENTION: During the use of the microwave oven, you shall press the convex button and then open the air hole


* For storing food
* For taking out food to office/schools/picnics/outings
* It can be used for refrigeration for keeping freshness
* Suitable for heating food in microwave ovens
* Healthy and hygienic way of storing food


* After usage, please wash and dry it immediately to keep it clean and hygienic
* Do not press it heavily to avoid distortion or losing its shape
* Make sure it is well sealed when it is closed

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