Frank Lee Simple Ironing Board


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Frank Lee Ironings

Our revolutionary split ironing board design lets you press both legs of your pants or both sleeves of your shirt without stopping to reposition them.  It is also very useful to hold the shirt while ironing the collar.  The arms can be easily pushed back together for use as a traditional ironing board.


Frank Lee Simple ironing board – new evolution of the ironing board
* Plastic table top with retractable wire iron rest
Unique features for ironing sleeves, trousers, collars and cuffs
Split arms 50:50
* Suitable for both steam and dry ironing
* Non-slip rubber feet
* 100% cotton cover with 5mm felt pad
Table height adjustable in three (3) steps – 84cm, 87cm and 90cm
* Shrink wrap packing
* Colour – Grey with white design
* Item size – 90cm x 40cm (W x D)
* Item weight – 3kgs

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