Art Plast Shoe Rack With Three Shelves


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This shoe rack allows to stack up to ten (10) pairs of shoes using space not only horizontally but also vertically thanks to our Flip Flaps.  The shoe rack can be placed in bedrooms, close to a dresser so as to have both clothing and shoes at hand.  It can also be placed inside a furniture unit, especially for those who like to change their shoes once they get inside their home.


* Shoe rack with three (3) shelves
* Made of polypropylene (plastic) with aluminium tubes
* Can fit up to ten (10) pairs of shoes when used with Flip Flaps (bought separately)
* Does not absorb smells
* Does not keep humidity
* Easy to assemble
* Each packet includes two (2) extra aluminium tubes to be used when combining two (2) shoe racks to form a 6-shelving unit
* Colour – ecru (shelves) / silver (tubes)
* Item size – 60 cm x 24.8 cm x 43.5 cm (W x D x H)
* Item weight – 1.75 kgs
* Made in Italy

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