Sahara Duo Box 35 Oval Planter With Insert Anthracite/Platinum


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Sahara Duo 28 cm round planter with insert
* Decorative planter made of high quality polypropylene (plastic)
* Resistant to weather conditions
* Light and modern
* Fits into any interior
Consists of two (2) parts – a uniform insert and an openwork, decorative exterior body
* Both parts connected together create a contrasting three-dimensional effect
* Both the inserts and the bodies are available in different, elegant colors
* The bottom of the body is bulged, thanks to which it can store excess water
For indoors and outdoors (garden, balcony, terrace) use
* Thanks to its extraordinary shape, it’s great to show off!
* Colour – anthracite exterior / platinum insert
* Item size – 35 cm x 16.7 cm x 15.7 cm (W x D x H)
* Item capacity – 6.0 litres
* Item weight – 500 grams
Made in E.U.

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