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* Panny clothes drying rack/clothes airer
* The innovative opening-closing system shares the weights in a uniform way, producing a greater resistance against the load and a stronger steadiness against the wind
* Made of certified and totally recyclable resins of first quality which grant a longer duration
* It has two (2) robust wheels for an easy shift even when loaded with laundry
* With two (2) rollaway hooks to hang delicate clothing
* It has nine (9) lines instead of the usual eight (8) for a total of 22 metres of hanging space
* Large hanging capacity
* Never rusts
* Suitable for both inside and outside use
* Easy to assemble and disassemble
* Very robust construction
* Very stable
* With coat hangers
* Includes three (3) free clothes resin hangers
* When closed, it stands by itself, better exploiting the spaces
* Item size – 198 cm x 60 cm x 116 cm (W x D x H) (open); 13 cm x 60 cm x 125 cm (W x D x H) (closed)
* Colour – orange
* Made in Italy

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