Sogo Digital Coin Bank With Alarm Clock And FM Radio


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Diggi-Bank is a advanced digital coin bank.  It reads all EURO coins and displays the balance at a push of a button on the LCD display.  After your insert each coin, the coin amount will appear on the LCD display and a few seconds later your balance will appear on the LCD display.  This way you will never misplace your coins and you will always be aware of your balance.  You can enjoy watching your money grow.  In addition, as an added BONUS DIGGI-BANK is also an Alarm Clock and an FM Radio.  Perfect for every room and office.


Digital Coin Bank with alarm clock and FM radio
* Can read all EURO coins
* Will count every coin which is inserted and display the balance
* Includes FM Radio
* With Alarm Clock
* Time and Date function
* Blue LED backlight for the LCD
* Memory back up system
* Colour – grey/silver
* Item size – 17 cm x 9.4 cm x 20 cm (W x D x H)
* Item weight – 600 grams
* Warranty – twelve months

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