Meliconi 90 cm Column System


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Welcome to the age of GHOST, an innovative project conceived to combine design and function and to provide the best technical and most attractive solution for audio-visual support furnishings. An elegant design and prestigious materials make the entire line unique in terms of form and function. Ghost is designed to make wires disappear as well as all other objects which are less than pleasing to the eye. Innovation, quality, design: Ghost is all this, a line where Meliconi’s attention to detail cannot be missed.


* A hollow metal column designed to group together any wires used to connect electrical items to hide the usual ugly tangled mess of wiring
* Length – 90 cm
* Columns can be used in conjunction with Ghost 40, a support device for audio-visual equipment
* A practical accessory used to house a DVD player, video recorder or satellite TV decoder to create a complete audio-visual station
* Made of aluminium
* Easy to install
* Forms part of a modular system so one can fit other components to it
* Conceals all cables
* Made in Italy
* Colour – black

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