Meliconi Gumbody Facile Smart Universal Remote Control Red


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Facile SMART replaces the traditional TV remote control with the advantage of having larger keys that make it even easier to use.

Tactile, robust, non-slip rubber casing.


* Works with all brands
* Pre-programmed universal TV remote control with larger keys for easier use
* It reproduces all the functions of the original TV remote control
* Ergonomic form and soft rubber casing, enhancing grip and shielding the remote control from falls and bumps
* For all internet surfers, a user-friendly and intuitive on-line programming guide, constantly updated to cover all TV brands and models
* Direct access to MENU, AV, colour, brightness, teletext and fastext functions
* The largest database on the market for secondary functions
* LED lights up to confirm signal transmission
* Wide-angle, high-power IR emission diode
* Low battery light indicator
* Programmed codes protected against accidental deletion when replacing batteries
* Programmed code can be displayed
* Three programming modes
* Battery shape-coding (mechanical protection against polarity inversion)
* Colour – red

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