Piardi Home Black 24 cm Omelette Pan


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It is very easy to cook an omelette with the “Girafrittata” Piardi Home.  One will have the perfect cooking on each side.

Flipping an omelette is never easy.  However, with the Piardi Home omelette pan, one’s omelette will be perfect every time on each side.


* Black line series Girafrittata omlette pan
* Made of food grade aluminium
* Thickness – 2.5 mm
* Diameter – 24 cm
* Non-stick PFTE coating (PFOA free)
* Nickel free, non-toxic, non-allergic
* Rivetted bakelite handles
* The two (2) pans are linked with a special device that helps one flip the omelette easily and safely without leaks
* The two (2) pans can be easily unassembled and used separately as normal frying pans
* Colour – black
* Suitable for gas, electric and radiant plate
* Dishwasher safe
* Made in Italy

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