Vitrex Elegant Casserole 20 cm


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The Vitrex enamelled steel pots and pans are very high quality items.  They are the best products for cooking (especially in the case of induction) because they distribute better the heating.  This makes them superior to aluminium products.  The quality of the Vitrex pots and pans comes from the way these items are produced in the oven. They are manufactured in a way to make them last long and at the same time, yield superior cooking results.

All materials used in the manufacture of these kitchen items comply with the requisites of current European standards and directives applicable to materials that come into contact with food. Their extreme purity eliminates risks of toxicity without altering the organoleptic qualities of the food that they are used to prepare.


* Vitrex Elegant Casserole Pan
* Diameter – 20 cm
* Made of thick, enamelled steel
* Stainless steel ring 18/10 enamel protector – the ring at the top circumference
* Interior covered with three layers of high quality, long-lasting, non-stick enamelled coating
* Integrated metallic handles
* Diffusing base which distributes heat uniformly for superior cooking
* Suitable for use on gas, electricity, halogen, induction and glass-ceramic appliances
* With glass lid with steam release
* Dishwasher safe
* Colour – black

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