Piardi Home Fireworks Deep Pan 28 cm With Two Handles


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The Piardi Home Fireworks deep pan with two handles is the perfect pan for any type of food.  This deep pan is a product of high quality, light weight and handy with two ergonomic welded handles in bakelite.  No-stick coating is excellent for a healthy and fat-free dishes.


* Fireworks Line series deep pan with two (2) handles
* Made of food grade aluminium
* Thickness – 2.0 mm
* Diameter – 28 cm
* Non-stick PFTE coating (PFOA free)
* Nickel free, non-toxic, non-allergic
* With two (2) welded bakelite handles
* The bottom of the pan has a high thickness with concentric rings that make the heat distribution uniform and refinished with a particular diamond process used to make it suitable for any type of cooking surface.
* Suitable for everyday cooking
* Colour – grey
* Suitable for gas, electric and radiant plate
* Dishwasher safe
* Made in Italy

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