Piardi Home “RePollo” KingChicken 2-pcs Pan Set 30 cm


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The Piardi Home “RePollo” KingChicken Pan set is a special cooking pan specifically invented and designed to cook chicken.  It gets promoted by many chefs because it is easy to use and it cooks the food homogeneously without fat and smells.  All this thanks to the masters who developed it!


* “RePollo” KingChicken 2-pieces pan set to cook chickens upright
* Made of food grade aluminium
* Thickness – 2.0 mm
* Diameter – 30 cm
* Non-stick PFTE coating (PFOA free)
* Nickel free, non-toxic, non-allergic
* Grill chicken and any kind of grills in your oven in just 55 minutes
* Cooking chicken and skewers upright makes all the fat slide away
* Grill chicken with side dishes like oven cook vegetables
* Also suitable for pizza cooking
* One will be really satisfied with one’s chicken and roast preparation and cooking
* Colour – grey/black
* Suitable for gas, electric and radiant plate
* Made in Italy

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