Sogo 4L Digital Pressure Cooker


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* 4L digital pressure cooker
* Power – 800 watts
* Capacity – 4 litres
* Saves energy and cooking time by up to 70%
* Seven (7) safety devices
* 5-in-1 Electronic multi-function pressure cooker
* Cooks, warms, steams, slow cooks and browns food and vegetables
* Delay function allows timer-based cooking with up to an 8-hour delay
* Stainless steel manufacture
* For low fat cooking and healthy meals
* Cuts cooking time and saves energy
* Preserves flavours and nutrients
* Heavy gauge cooking pot distributes heat evenly
* Pressure release valve allows to release pressure quickly
* Tenderizes lean cuts of meat
* Cooks on low or high pressure
* High quality Dupont non-stick multiple coating
* Cool touch exterior
* Includes spatula and measuring cup
* Prepares a complete meal
* Perfect for chicken, meats, legumes, vegetables and more
* Five (5) function control
Warming: Reheats or keeps food warm
Browning: Browns meat before pressure cooking
Slow cooking: Cooks slowly up to 9.5 hours
Steaming: Quickly brings liquid to a boil for steaming or cooking rice
Delay start: Programmable timer delays cooking up to 8 hours
* Pressure regulator: one of seven (7) safety devices for worry-free use
* Accessories include recipient for steaming and stand for steaming accessory
* Includes colour recipe book
* 230 volt mains
* Colour – black/stainless steel
* Giftbox size – 28 cm x 28.5 cm x 35 cm (W x D x H)
* Supplied with a free 3-pin schuko converter plug
* Warranty – twelve months

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