Fratelli Baking Stone With Wooden Peel


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Turn your kitchen into a pizzeria!  The Fratelli Pizza Stone provides the same cooking properties of a real brick oven!

Make real Italian pizza right in your kitchen with the Fratelli Pizza Stone!  Our stone provides the same cooking properties of a real brick oven.  Microscopic firebrick pores in the Stone absorb moisture from the dough and evenly distribute high oven heat.  The extra thickness and weight (approx. 5kgs/11lbs, 33 cm diameter) of our stone assures authentic and very professional results.

The Fratelli Pizza Stones are produced from refractory clays.  They retain more heat, darken and season with use enriching their cooking properties.  Just like wine – the older, the better!

Our Fratelli Pizza Stone can be used for making delicious – authentic brick oven pizza and more.  Try to bake home-made bread, cookies, biscuits.  Use it for endless baking with great Italian taste!

Traditional bread and pizza pans cannot produce the same kiln-fired crustiness that our Fratelli Pizza Stone can.  You will love the results that our Stone will produce.

The Fratelli Pizza Stone is designed for both gas and electric ovens.  Our product set includes the stone made of 100% natural material and a wooden baking peel packaged in very elegant box.

Properly cared for, your Fratelli Pizza Stone will never need to be replaced.

The Fratelli Pizza Stone set has universal appeal. Almost everyone eats pizza!  It makes a great gift for just about any occasion.

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