Andrew James Halogen Oven Cookbook


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* A halogen oven cooks food almost as quickly as a microwave oven but with the added bonus of browning and crisping the food like a conventional oven
* New halogen oven owners love the results but desperately need a recipe book which will help them cook their favourite dishes in their new ovens
* In English
* Now Norma Miller has written this comprehensive new book which covers all the traditional favourites, plus some exciting new contemporary recipes
* 128-pages packed with delicious recipes
* Includes very useful general information about halogen ovens and how to use it to get the best results
* Recipes are sub-divided under six (6) main headings, namely:-
Just Vegetables
Rice, Pasta, Grains and Beans
Meat, Poultry and Game
Fishy Things
Sweet and Sticky Desserts
Tempting Bakes
* A really must-read cookbook for all cooking lovers!
* In paperback
* Item size – 12.6 cm x 1.2 cm x 19.2 cm (W x D x H)
* Item weight – 100 grams

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