Sogo Water Purifier, Cooler And Dispenser


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Table top mini water dispenser and purifier
Water dispenser with normal and cold water taps
* Power – 75 watts
* Water purifier with special carbon-activated and resin filter
* As a water purifier, one can use normal domestic tap water
* Specially patented adaptor for water bottle mouth to avoid spillage
* Saves space in the fridge for cool water dispensing
* Indicator on top to indicate the next change of filter
* Indicator light when water is cool and ready
* Easy installation, use and maintenance
* Small and compact, uses minimum space
* For domestic use only
* 2.5-litre capacity purifier upper tank with non-filtered water
* 2.7-litre capacity purifier lower tank with filtered water
* 750ml capacity water dispenser inner tank for cooling water equivalent to three (3) to four (4) glasses of water
* 230 volts mains
* Item size – 23 cm x 21 cm x 28.5 cm (W x D x H)
* Item weight – 3 kgs
* Colour – white
* Supplied with a free 3-pin europlug converter
* Warranty – twelve months

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