Sogo 2.5L Water Purifier Jug (with 3 FREE filter cartridges)


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* 2.5-litre water purifier jug with three (3) FREE filter cartridges
* Makes tap water safer and healthier to drink
* With unique filter cartridge containing a special blend of food grade materials
* Purifier cartridge with ion exchange resin and activated carbon
* Removes temporary water hardness, chlorine, lead, copper and other impurities
* Ideal for cold drinks
* Improves the taste of tea
* Gives exceptional results for cooking
* Scale-free appliances
* Better flavour and aroma from coffee
* Makes crystal clear ice
* Special space-saving design
* Ideal for storing in refrigerators
* Made of high quality food grade material AS & ABS (plastic)
* With LCD counter which indicates when to change the filter cartridge
* Total capacity – 2.5 litres
* Filtered water capacity – 1.3 litres

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