Andrew James 7-Ltr Automatic Stand Food Mixer Red


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The New Andrew James Food Mixer is ideal for all of your kitchen preparation requirements.  Mixes all ingredients – a few to mention are dough, egg whites, cake mixes, cream, shakes, cocktails and other liquids.

The mixer comes complete with a Huge 7-Litre High Quality Grade 304 Stainless Steel Bowl, three (3) attachments and a Splash Guard.  The mixer has a digital control and LCD display.  One can choose from automatic or manual digital setting.

The machine boasts of seven (7) different automatic settings.  The Automatic settings are pre-set so all you have to do is place the mixture in the large mixing bowl and choose the desired setting and then let the mixer do all the work.

The automatic settings are:

Soft Yeast – used for soft loaves
Stiff Yeast – used for firmer loaves of bread
Fruit Cake – can be used for any cake mixtures
Short crust – excellent for pastry
Egg Beater – automatic setting for egg whites
(Meat Grinder – attachment sold separately)
(Pasta Maker – attachments sold separately)


* Andrew James Red 7-Litre Automatic Food Stand Mixer
Extra powerful motor – 1,000 watts
* Special robust gear mechanism
Seven (7) litre Stainless steel bowl for 2.5 kgs (maximum) mixture preparation and 5-litre liquid
* The machine comes with three (3) different mixing attachments
Special Aluminium kneading hook for yeast and bread dough for a maximum quantity of flour of 2.5 kgs
Special Flexi-Beater
Stainless Steel Whisk
* 50″ swivelling multifunction arm
* Particularly easy to operate and clean
* Mixing bowl is dishwasher safe
* 230 volt mains
* Colour – red
* Item weight – 9 kgs
* Warranty – twelve months

Andrew James Large Food Mixer 7 Litre Review (in

“We’ve grown to really like Andrew James recently.  The kitchen appliances they come out with aren’t flashy by any means, but they’re usually dependable and affordable, striking a good balance between high-end features and low cost.  So, we’re very intrigued to be taking a look at the Andrew James Large 7-Litre Stand Food Mixer.

This machine packs a hefty stainless steel bowl into the bargain, and at 7-litres this is the most spacious food mixer on the market today – just pipping the Kenwood Chef Major at the post.  Better yet, it’s literally a fraction of the price of a Kenwood machine!

Behind the scenes, this mixer has a 1,000 watt motor doing the work.  Not the most powerful mixer around then, but certainly at the higher end of the market, and more than enough for your everyday mixing, kneading and whisking.

One of the coolest things about this mixer is a little trick it has up its sleeve, which is going to make your life a little bit easier.  It had a digital timer built-in with 7 programmes.  This means you simply throw your ingredients into the bowl, select a program and then go and get on with something else.  The mixer will take care of the mixing, and turn itself off when it’s done!

There are settings for bread, cakes, pasta and even grinding meat.  It’s a simple touch, but one we’re surprised that we haven’t seen on any other mixer up to this point.  It seems like such a logical and useful thing to build in!

You get three attachments in the box: a dough blade, a beater blade, and a stainless steel whisk.  Everything you’ll need for your everyday home mixing.  All the bits are dishwasher safe too, and easy to clean.

Also included is a splash guard to stop any mixture from spilling over the side, so the mixer won’t be making a mess whilst you’ve got your back turned!”

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