Andrew James Hamburger Maker Wax Discs


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Wax papers are the ideal solution when preparing and storing homemade burgers.  One of the major problems with making burgers is that when you are storing and stacking them, you find that the burgers tend to stick together, making them almost impossible to separate – especially if they have been frozen.

One can solve this problem by using the wax papers in between burgers, making them easier to separate and select when cooking, and helping to maintain their thickness and shape.  They can help keep burgers and meat fresher for longer too.

The wax papers are versatile as they can also be used to separate other kinds of food such as cheeses, cold sliced meats and thick cuts of meat.  Made from high quality waxed infused paper, the pack consists of 250 individual sheets, each measuring 115mm in diameter.  Multiple sheets can be used for large cuts of meats.

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