Andrew James Hamburger Maker


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The Andrew James Hamburger/Beefburger Maker is a great addition to any barbeque.  If you want an authentic barbeque experience, then what better way to get involved than by making your own burgers?  Simple to use and easy to maintain, the burger press makes burgers approximately 2cm deep.

This product really makes preparing and cooking at a barbeque much more enjoyable because you really have been involved in the process from start to finish.  So if you fancy adding a bit of flair to your next barbeque this is definitely the product for you.

The Andrew James Burger Press also comes with 100 Wax Discs to separate your burgers and stop them from sticking to one another.


* Making genuine burgers have never been easier!
* Durable plastic construction
Includes 100 wax discs for separating your hamburgers
* Colour – white
* Item size – 9.7 cm x 12 cm (Diameter x H)
* Gift box size – 10 cm x 10 cm x 12 cm (W x D x H)
* Item weight – 120 grams (190 grams incl. gift box)

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