Concept 800W VITALIS Stainless Steel Juice Extractor


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Be full of energy and fit

Fresh fruit juices and cocktails excel not only in their delicious taste, but above all in high content of vitamins, minerals, live enzymes and other biologically important substances. They clean our body, eliminate poisons, support digestion, reduce excess weight, eliminate fatigue and bring energy and vitality. Juice can be practically prepared from everything. By consuming fresh juices and cocktails, you will replenish your daily dose of health and moreover, you will enjoy them perfectly!

Fresh fruit and vegetables are the inevitable integral part of any menu. They render beta-carotene (converted in our body into the vitamin A), vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus and, together with other vitamins and minerals, help to protect the body from different disorders and diseases. These vitamins support activity of the body enzymes and assist in the process of food decomposition into energy. They also help to maintain the hormonal balance, strengthen the immunity system and are inevitable for activities of our brain and nervous system. Juices from fresh vegetables are extraordinarily effective because the process of boiling destroys many proteins and nutrients, whilst in the juices they remain preserved and intact.

There are many methods how to obtain juice from a fruit/vegetable. Juicer is the best help in this respect. The Concept brand brings the innovative VITALIS Juice Extractor COLO7025, facilitating the process of juicing to the maximum degree. Let the professional juicer work and select the best beverage for your health.

What juice to select and when?
There are many methods and combinations how to mix different kinds of fruit and vegetables and each combination has its specific features. Different kinds of fruit and vegetables contain different vitamins and minerals. If you want to observe certain principles enabling to keep your body fit continuously, you may follow the following recommended menu.

Good morning
You should start the morning with a high dose of energy (vitamin C), contained in melon, oranges or pineapple. If you begin your day with vegetables, then it is advisable to consume the carrot juice.

To stimulate your body, you should consume vitamins of the B group, contained in raspberries, melon, pineapple, banana or carrot and red beet.

No stress
If you need to slow down and relax for a while, make the juice from tangerines, bananas, raspberries or from broccoli and cucumber. These products contain plenty of vitamins B, C and also calcium.

Against fatigue
Greens are suitable for restoration of the energy level. Try juice from spinach, broccoli or watercress. Select kiwi, peaches or strawberries from the fruits.

Quiet sleep
Calcium and magnesium, together with vitamins B3 and B6, calm down the nervous system and facilitate relaxation. This is just what you can find in a banana, grapefruit, salad, carrot or celery.

Do not forget that certain juices have to be diluted by fresh water. In particular, children should not drink more than one litre and half of fresh (and diluted) juice. Do not make any stock, drink always fresh juice. When boiled, the juice loses its base-forming character and curative effects. Adding sugar causes quick fermentation and oxidation of the made juice.


Juice extractor VITALIS
* Power – 800 Watts
* Extra-large feeding chute
* Capacity of pulp container – 1.8 litres
* Capacity of juice cup – 1 litre
* Stainless steel disc cutter assembly
* Easily dismountable
* Easy cleaning
* Safety system
* Tamp
* Anti-skid feet
* Cord storage
* 230 volt mains
* Colour – stainless steel/black
* Supplied with a free 3-pin europlug converter
* Warranty – twelve months

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