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Once upon a time, there was a cone.

Today, there is the SteccoFlex mould from Silikomart in 100% food-grade silicone invented to make artisan ice cream on a stick a new alternative to the ice cream cone.

The new SteccoFlex ice cream mould from Silikomart is a truly revolutionary product for its customers.  Gone are the days of aluminium and plastic moulds, which make removing ice cream from a mould more complicated and time-consuming.  The new 100% food-grade silicone mould makes removal from the mould easy and guarantees an excellent result, unprecedented in the professional ice cream sector.


* Set of two (2) Steccoflex silicone moulds with twelve (12) portions in total, one (1) tray and fifty (50) wooden sticks
* Capacity – 90 millilitres (each portion)
* Colour – white (Cookieflex moulds), transparent (tray)
* Item size – 93 mm x 48.5 mm x 25 mm (W x D x H) (each portion)
– 295 mm x 395 mm (W x D) (tray)
* Check also the EXPOGELDOWN ice cream transparent displayer tray
* A silicone mould for the Professionals!

Method of preparation (as in the images above)

1) Fill the mould with the ice cream base preparation
2) Insert the wooden stick in the proper hole
3) Level it
4) Insert the Steccoflex and the relative tray in the freezer/blast chiller
5) Unmould the ice cream
6) Garnish with decorations to taste

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