Andrew James Ice Cube Maker Silver


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Our slimline countertop Andrew James Ice Maker Machine is one of the smallest models on the market, yet produces as much ice as larger models – up to 15kgs of ice in 24 hours.  The compact design makes it ideal for use in your home, office or anywhere that ice is required and no drainage or plumbing is required.

The Andrew James Ice Maker produces two (2) different sizes of ice cube to suit your requirements and has a storage capacity for 700 grams of ice and a 2.4-litre water storage tank.  With its automatic control system and electronic soft-touch panel, the Andrew James Ice Maker is easy to use and operates with very little noise.  The high efficiency compressor is also CFC-free making it environmentally friendly.

A handy ice scoop is included with the machine.


* Slim design ice cube maker machine
Can produce up to 15 kgs of ice in 24 hours
* Ideal for home or office
* No drainage or plumbing is required
* Two (2) different sizes of ice – small and large cubes
Capacity – 700 grams of ice cubes
* Tank capacity – 2.4 litres of water
* Very silent when in operation
* Comes with a handy ice cube scoop
* 230V mains
* Colour – silver
* Item size – 24.0 cm x 35.0 cm x 33.0 cm (W x D x H)
* Item weight – 9.36 kgs (10.58 kgs incl. gift box)
* Warranty – twelve months

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