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Giles & Posner’s Pie Maker is an innovation in home baking that can provide fun for the whole family!  With the Pie Maker you can use homemade or shop bought pastries with savoury or sweet fillings.  Use the suggested pastry recipes and pie filling ideas included, or why not create your own recipes.  There is no end to the creations of hot and cold pie fillings and pastries that you can use, the Pie is the limit!


Create perfect, evenly cooked, pies in less than ten (10) minutes!  The free pastry cutters included allow you to cut your pasty bottom and tops to the exact size meaning that your pies will fit into the machine perfectly and will be baked to an identical size, with none of the filling spilling out of the top.  You cannot go wrong with this pie maker.


Everyone will want to get involved in making home-cooked pies from meaty, hearty pies for tasty suppers, to warm mince pies for Christmas!  The Giles & Posner’s Pie Maker is the perfect gift for all of the family.  It’s so simple to use, much quicker, and bakes pies more evenly than if cooked in a conventional oven.  The Pie Maker is simple to use and it comes with a FREE recipe book full of delicious Pie Recipes!  Try Giles & Posner‘s pie recipes that are included; use shop bought fillings, or why not create your own!  The non-stick baking tray releases pies instantly and make cleaning up a breeze.  Save your family time and money!


* Power – 1400 watts
* Cooks pies evenly, and has non-stick plates
* Comes with pie bottom and top pastry cutters
* Use readymade puff, readymade short crust or homemade pastry
* Pastry recipes and filling ideas included
* Cooks two (2) pies in less than ten (10) minutes
* Simple to use and easy to clean
* Uses less energy than a conventional oven
* 240V mains
* Colour – cream
* Giftbox size – 27.4 cm x 12.5 cm x 22.4 cm (W x D x H)
* Item weight – 1.33 kgs (1.67 kgs incl. giftbox)
* Warranty – twelve months

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