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Food steamer with two trays
* Power – 400 watts
* With two transparent trays
* Capacity – 4.6 litres
* 60-minute timer with audible alarm
* Perfect to cook any kind of healthy steamed food
* Removable lid and trays for easy cleaning
* Two levels for double capacity
* Auto switch off with alarm
* Pilot light
Function fast steam in 30 seconds
* Discover more flavour in your foods and cook healthier utilizing this novel electrical food steamer
* Cooks the food tby steam, that is, without the food being in direct contact with the water avoiding the use of oils and fats
Steamed food retains its juices, increasing its flavour and better preserves its nutrients
* 230 volt mains
* Colour – white/blue/transparent
* Item weight – 6 kgs (incl. giftbox)
* Supplied with a free 3-pin schuko plug converter
* Warranty – twelve months
* An ideal assistant in healthy diets that are low in fats

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