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Espresso Delicato Concept brand is an excellent helper for preparing coffee.  Thanks to its pressure system 15-bars, it prepares delicious espresso, cappuccino and latté with long-lasting foam for you, your family and friends.  With additional SUPER CREAM function, your coffee will have richer and thicker foam which lasts for the hole drinking experience.

Good reasons to choose the Espresso Delicato Concept :

Compactuser friendly and attractive product
* Soft lines in modern black and silver styling
* The 15-bar pressure of Espresso Delicato Concept will guarantee really excellent espresso, cappuccino or latté with long-lasting foam
* The 1000W power will guarantee rapid heating and deliver your espresso in just two (2) minutes
* Espresso Delicato Concept can prepare up to eight (8) standard cups of coffee for the one filling and this is thanks to its 1000 ml removable water container
* Do you like your espresso from ground coffee or from coffee pods?  This is not a problem for Espresso Delicato Concept.  Thanks to its exchangeable filters, you can prepare the espresso from ground coffee or from coffee pods
* Special function SUPER CREAM makes richer and thicker foam, which has the colour of hazel-nuts
* Fitted as standard, the Espresso Delicato Concept has a high quality steam nozzle which makes it possible for you to prepare thick and foamy milk for cappuccino, latté and hot chocolate
* Because of its removable stainless steel drip tray, it is very easy to clean
* Once you have prepared you chosen coffee, you can savour the taste and aroma in the comfort of your home

Do you love a strong coffee with long-lasting foam?  So the Espresso Delicato Concept is made for you.  Bring the taste of professional coffee bar to your home.

What are the coffee pods?  Thanks to coffee pods, you can have a real espresso anywhere.  This way of preparing the espresso is ideal for home or office.


* For preparing espressocappuccino and latté with long-lasting foam
* Power – 1000 watts
* Compatible with both coffee pods and coffee powder
Powerful 15-bar Pump and Valve
* Steam nozzle with frothing attachments makes thick and frothed milk for cappuccino, latté and hot chocolate
* Easy detachable water tank with capacity of 1000 ml
* Turning knob adjustable for ON/OFF, Preheating, Coffee and Steam
* Deliver espresso in just 2 minutes
* Power control
* Removable stainless steel drip tray for very easy cleaning
* Coffee batcher
* Replaceable filter for 1 – 2 batches of coffee
* 230 volt mains
* Item size – 19 cm x 26 cm x 30 cm (W x D x H)
* Colour – black/stainless steel
* Supplied with a free 3-pin Schuko converter plug
* Warranty – twelve months

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