Giles & Posner Candy Floss Maker


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With new technology the Giles & Posner Hard Candy Candyfloss Maker now allows you to make candyfloss from regular or sugar free hard boiled sweets.  You can use traditional sugar, hard candies or boiled sweets, or why not mix a few different flavoured sweets to make a candyfloss cocktail!

It’s so straightforward yet enjoyable to use, watch it transform your favourite hard boiled sweets into buckets of delicious fluffy floss.  Mums will love the fact that you can also use Sugar Free Hard Candies, which is also great for diabetics!  The new halogen technology also delivers more candyfloss in less time than traditional heating elements, giving you even more fun for your money!

Get the joy and re-create the smell of the funfair in your own home anytime, without trudging around a muddy field.  Amaze your family and guests with the exceptional experience of the Hard Candy Candyfloss Maker, fun for everyone, as a treat, or as an attraction at a party.  It’s easy to clean, maintain, with a detachable, dishwasher proof bowl and splash guard.  Best of all, it’s simple to use and comes complete with a fool proof user guide and instructions for use.


* Cola Cubes
* Sherbet Lemon’s or Strawberries
* Pear Drops
* Hard Boiled Fruit Sweets
* Hard Clear Mints
* Any Hard Solid Candy
* Any Hard Solid Sugar Free Sweets
* Any type/flavour of sugar


* Power – 420 watts
* Make Candyfloss from sugar, boiled sweets, or sugar-free hard candies
* Simple to use and easy to clean
* Detachable, dishwasher proof bowl and splash-guard
* 230 volt mains
* Colour – pink
* Item weight – 5 kgs
* Warranty – twelve months

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