Sogo Reversible Electric Grill


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* Reversible electric grill with large surface area
* Power – 1,800 watts
* Convenient, reversible design allows this unique grill to be used as either a convenient griddle or a powerful grill
* Unique drainage system allows for truly fat-free and healthy cooking. Oil and fat drips away from food dramatically reducing calories and fat content, and is stored in a neat and easy to clean container
* Electronic temperature control allows maximum flexibility and versatility for all types of BBQ meats and vegetables
* High power heat plates simulate true coal fire BBQ for an authentic taste
* Large cooking surface (33 cm x 25 cm) is perfect for sausages, hot dogs, hamburgers, big steaks, vegetables and many more of your BBQ favourites
* High quality non-stick coated plates make for easy and safe cleaning
* Cool touch handles make this grill easy to handle and perfectly portable
* Special design lets fay drip away for healthy, lean BBQ meals
* Removable tray for oil and fat makes this grill exceptionally easy to clean
* Detachable power cord for added safety and easy storage
* Excellent SOGO quality product
* Your perfect indoor BBQ grill for all occasions. Makes meats, vegetables, eggs and many more of your favourite BBQ foods on your clean, healthy and fat-free grill
* 230 volts mains
* Colour – black
* Supplied with a free 3-pin schuko converter plug
* Warranty – twelve months

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